Soul22KE Business Feature Program

Offering Kenya-based MSME directors a platform to showcase their businesses.


At Soul22KE Business we are committed to empowering legitimate Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

We understand how difficult it might be to get your business out there when you are just starting. Therefore, we are offering you a tailored platform to inspire new entrepreneurs by showcasing your business story, promote your special products and services to our audience and give insight to other entrepreneurs about the industry you are working in. To achieve these goals, we take some time to develop a close relationship and understand your work ethic, experience and invest in the future of your business the best way we know how.

Initiate the process of this program by filling the application form provided below.

*This program is offered for FREE. Further information shall be rendered upon submission.


Thank you for featuring young entrepreneurs.

— Kelvin Ngure, CEO Vooke Creations.

I am proud of participating in the empowerment of young entrepreneurs. If I had access to such a platform when I was starting my venture into business I would have benefitted immensely.

— Limo B. , Founder Taalam Network.