5 Factors Interfering With Your Annual Goals

When are you at your happiest? I would say when I am stretched on my couch catching up on my favorite show. I believe each one of us experiences happiness as a result of different triggers that we individually recognize.

Today, I want you to challenge yourself for a moment. It’s halfway through the year and looking back at the goals you set at the very beginning of the year, how far along are you at achieving them? Did the Covid-19 pandemic affect your effort of achieving them in any way?

Many excuses are often forwarded when one faces such a challenge. Sometimes these excuses are even supported by the people in our inner circles such as our friends or close family members. Maybe they have valid reasons to back up their points but did you know that only 8 percent of people who set goals achieve them.

Here’s a closer look at how excuses lead to interference with our goals:

  • Regret

Have you ever missed the bus to work or a meeting because you slept for 5 extra minutes? We develop common habits through cultivation. We repeat them over and over until they become a semi-permanent part of us. If you begin to snooze your alarm each morning to get 5 more minutes of sleep in, it grows on you. Eventually, it is the end of the year, time has whisked by faster than you could notice and all yo can do is reminisce and imagine just how much time all those five minutes combined can make. You will have lost so much of valuable time. This is where regret comes in.

  • Laziness

To be good at tennis you need to practice more. This is true with any new skill, art or aspect of life we are interested in grasping. On the other hand, insufficient activity breeds low confidence and self esteem. This means you are no longer comfortable in your own skin. This attitude of self-sabotage is accompanied by excuses. ‘I can’t cook‘. Why do you think that? Have you tried and failed, or is it just baseless thought? Maybe the talent is inherent but if you don’t try it out, you will not discover the truth..

  • Poor self-confidence

Sometimes all the dismissive talk from members of our inner circles grows on us. Their words and actions become stumbling blocks on our paths. For instance, you might be thinking about venturing into a certain type of business but after pitching the idea to your mother (someone you really trust to advice you correctly) you feel discouraged about it. She lays all the possible challenges you might face when you decide to start. She probably tried to pertain the business herself and failed, thus the overcautious attitude. After considering her advice, you eventually decide to put the business idea aside. Boom! You are back to the state of zero initiative.

  • Dependency

So your mum advised you to avoid getting into business and you take her advice. Then you become stuck on depending on her views on all matters affecting your life. This affects your creative ability. What makes matters worse it that you tend to blame her for what happens after you do as she says. These excuses hinder your growth and the ability to think independently.

  • Poor knowledge of self

To know thyself is to be truly powerful. Many of us aren’t aware of our strengths or weaknesses. Without this awareness we easily fall victim to peer pressure. Before giving up on a goal this year try to use the 5 why system. Ask yourself a question and then try to find reasons behind it.

An example of a common issue is: I don’t want to cook.

Why? – Because am afraid of burning the food.

Now it’s clear to you that you have a fear of failure, which in this case is the burning of the food. This makes it simpler for you to move past this obstacle by thinking of ways to prevent the incident.

Joy, fulfillment and momentum are good for your well-being. But such feelings don’t come by themselves, you should cultivate them by achieving your goals and dreams no matter how small. Execute your goal strategy today. Like a hunter, study your goal and chase it down. Do not give up.

This year is still far from over. Make something good out of the remaining time. Stop making excuses and act.

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Illustration by Fabian Blank on Unsplash