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Champion of Diversity, Equality, Fairness and Justice. Developer of fresh ideas and host of productive discussions. Promoter of local talent and entertainment.


At Soul22, we envision a Kenya with an integrated system of facts. Therefore, we strive to develop an engine of relatable, factual, progressive, entertaining and trustworthy public information.

We are a cog in the broader machinery of Kenya’s digital media industry. You and I are a part of a greater universe of information and communication. Therefore, I would like you to not only imagine a great Kenyan future but take a step further; be an active part of the process through engagement with our content and other stakeholders of this organization. United we stand the chance to achieve this vision.

The entire team at Soul22 toils to supply you with factual, entertaining information as we build a community of literate Kenyans with access to the best digital media content on the land. We hereby welcome you to a great future with Soul22.

The Soul22 Team

Our Segments


Candid, fair, sometimes unpopular opinion blogs by our team of seasoned columnists on all matters affecting Kenyans.


We profile unique entrepreneurs, highlight their stories, businesses and catalogue their special products and services. We also offer our readers exclusive business insight relevant to Kenya’s entrepreneurship marketplace.


Soul22’s celebrity and entertainment news center. For your latest Kenyan showbiz / entertainment news and celebrity stories.


Relatable lifestyle stories and articles targeting Kenyan readers.

Soul22KE Awards

An annual celebration of Soul22KE’s feature figures and stakeholders. We recognize special deeds and achievements of people that have had significant impact on Kenyans lives.


“…thank you for featuring young entrepreneurs…”

Ngure K. [CEO Vooke Creations]