Frank: A Smart Entrepreneur Faces Challenges and Learns.

Faced with a tough decision; between forsaking stable employment (losing his job in the process) and starting his own company, Franklin had to make a choice. A decision that changed his life permanently.

What initially presented itself as a daunting business risk proved to be a life-changing decision by Mr. Franklin Mwaniki Ndirangu; an educated, skilled, and experienced graphic designer. Mr. Frank leads a laudable career in a field less exploited in Kenya. I talked to him, drew inspiration from his journey and truly, he is a young entrepreneur to look up to.

Portrait of Mr Franklin Mwaniki Ndirangu

Born in Kenya’s capital and raised in a humble background, Mr. Frank beat the odds. Through hard work and determination, he hustled across various jobs including being a deejay and tattoo artist. A 2015 graduate of Kenyatta University having pursued an education course, he took an extra certificate course in graphics design which landed him a job in print and design. In a feat of bravery, he later took a big leap into the unknown.

While employed and simultaneously steering a photo mounts side hustle, he juggled the decision to stay within that setting or move a step further and chase his dreams under self-employment; a very challenging decision for any young businessman.

…my biggest achievement as a businessman is taking that step into the unknown and starting my own business…


Perma Prints Logo

His company Perma Prints is a recently established printing company registered in Kenya to provide design, printing, advertising & branding services. The company headquarters is located in Globe View Plaza, Kweria Lane off Kirinyaga Road, 3rd Floor, Room T2.

They specialize in helping customers get the most from their print budget, by providing marketing insight and sound advice on how to achieve the maximum impact from every project.

This combined with the convenience of their “All Under One Roof” in-house services means that their customers get a quick and cost-effective solution to their urgent print requirements.


We present Perma Prints rates and catalogue:


Perma Prints Catalogue


Picture Mounts Catalog

Contact Franklin Ndirangu for the fulfillment of all your printing needs. He has a great work ethic and the quality he delivers speaks for itself.

Perma Prints Contact Info


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